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Experienced accuracy, in-depth communications, meticulous planning, and providing high-quality and accurate ship agency services and chartering team across strategic UK ports.

Our 190-year history and industry-leading communication strategies will allow you to trust us to deliver your dry cargo project safely.

  • Trusted by Port Management Companies
  • Accurate communications with our Client Cargo Partners
  • Experience and knowledge on all UK ports

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Trusted by 100’s of leading companies

Unrivalled experience, accuracy and expertise 24/7

We are part of John Good Group – a 190-year family owned, 6th generation business with a rich shipping history with a proactive, troubleshooting approach.

A team of Port Agency experts who care, who drive reliability and accuracy with a ‘above and beyond’ attitude to all projects.


Communication Is Key

Dedicated team of over 400 years of experience. We know how to communicate.

24/7 Support

We live and breathe Port Agency life. We are here for you every minute of the way.

Real Time Data

Alongside our expert team we have comprehensive tools to drive accurate real-time data to you.

Real-time Communication.
Key Port Locations.

Supported by leading technology

At DAN Shipping & Chartering, we are passionate about shipping. So much so, we continue to invest in new port locations to ensure we integrate even more efficiencies into your cargo and husbandry projects.

In Real Life, planning is key to your success. Boots on the ground, communication channels clear, accurate and concise for each port location. We make you and your project the priority, no matter the size or complexity.

We have assembled a team who care, who are detailed and more importantly are passionate about positive result.

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How do you ensure the safety and efficiency of my project?2023-08-25T16:49:15+01:00

Safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Our meticulous planning, real-time data, and round-the-clock support ensure your project is executed with minimal errors, maximising efficiency.

Why should I choose DAN Shipping & Chartering for my port agency needs?2023-08-25T16:48:32+01:00

With our 190-year history, a dedicated team of experts, and our commitment to effective communication and 24/7 support, we are a trusted choice for your port agency needs. Our proactive and troubleshooting approach ensures your bulk cargo is delivered safely and efficiently.

What types of cargo can DAN Shipping & Chartering handle?2023-08-25T16:47:43+01:00

Our team is equipped to handle all types of dry cargo, regardless of size or complexity. Our extensive experience allows us to manage various types of bulk cargo efficiently and safely.

What is the role of a Port Agency?2023-08-17T15:22:49+01:00

Our team of Port Agency experts are dedicated to ensuring your bulk cargo is delivered efficiently and safely. They provide accurate real-time data, meticulous planning, and 24/7 support to help reduce errors and increase efficiency.

How do you tailor your services to different project sizes and complexities?2023-08-25T16:47:14+01:00

Every project is unique, and we understand that. Our team approaches each project individually, considering its unique requirements and challenges. Our flexibility and expertise allow us to tailor our services to suit any project’s needs.

How can I start working with DAN Shipping & Chartering?2023-08-25T16:46:39+01:00

Starting your journey with us is easy. Just fill out the form below and our team will be in touch to discuss how we can support your needs.

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Just leave a few details about you and your project and our team will be in touch.

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